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Pavadinimai, kurie buvo keletas pirmųjų nuostabių jūsų nuotykių ir pasakojimų patirčių. Tai sunkūs prisiminimai, kuriuos reikia pamiršti, ir jūs galite į tai atsiminti su mažu liūdesiu, bitcoin wizard žaisti tų žaidimų niekur. Tai gali cryptocurrency gbc apžvalgos, kad UI nėra beveik taip gerai pastatytas ir suprojektuotas, kaip kai kurių kitų mūsų sąraše, tačiau pagrindinės funkcijos iš tikrųjų veikia tikrai gerai.

EntrepreneurSome time ago I have been in programming since At that time, the inscription "4th Industrial Revolution" came to btc gbp diagrama attention, which intrigued me and became an object of observation. I have been following the events of the 4th Industrial Revolution for many years and bitcoin wizard further I go, the more fascinated I am by what awaits us in the near future, and a lot of things are happening right now.

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I wrote a little bit about it in my previous post. Today, I want to share my vision of what corporate accounting might look like in the near future. The three areas of the 4th Industrial Revolution will, in my view, completely change accounting as we see it today: 1.

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Blockchain 2. Blockchain is a technology, and crypto currency is a product created with the help of that technology.

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This technology is revolutionizing data storage by eliminating third parties such as notaries, brokers and so on. Certain countries use it to bitcoin wizard cadastral contracts avoiding notaries.

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Many companies use this technology to transfer batch data for products such as coffee eliminating brokersand so on. There are many areas of application.


But when this technology comes into use at the state level, I mean State Tax Inspectorate STISocial Insurance Inspectorate, Registry center and so on, then the bitcoin wizard of business processes will change, one of which is accounting. Example scenario: You come to the store and buy stationery supplies for bitcoin wizard company.

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An accounting company like Virtualus buhalteriswhich provides you accounting services is connected to the STI blockchain network. You will not need to print a cashier's check, invoice btc fondas hand them over to an accountant.

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The accountant will not need to enter them into his accounting system, as the data will be available from the STI blockchain, where the transaction is recorded. This saves time, eliminates the possibility of errors and, most importantly, bitcoin wizard the cost of accounting services for you.

Blockchain is like a huge, highly secure, database that stores all transactions. All tax reports and other documents will be submitted at the click of a button, as all data will already exist in the blockchain.

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Many of you will say that the state will see everything and that way it will collect more taxes. Yes, I agree with that, but the talk is not about that. Whether we like it or not, progress will not stop.

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We can only adapt by adapting to it and use it to achieve our goals. In the next post, I will share my thoughts on how artificial intelligence affects accounting.

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In the meantime, what do you think about how block chains can affect your business?